Using the GPIO as a Normal User on the Raspberry Pi

In one of my previous posts I mentioned setting the ownership of the /sys/class/gpio to dialout using /etc/rc.local. This worked up to a point, however entries are created in the gpio when you start using them and they retain the original root group permissions, which means you are required to run your code as root. As this is bad practice I have been looking for ways to get around this, so far setting a udev rule has proved futile.

However, I have found a tool called GPIO Admin and they have also written a Python GPIO API for it, simply install the software, add your user to the gpio group and you have access to the header without having to use root. They have written the API for Python 3, but I have found it will work in Python 2.7 (so far, with the version I downloaded on 29 June 2012, its still in development). The Flask framework has not been updated to work in Python 3.

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