Watermills Of Sheffield

The Watermills of Sheffield

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There are 170 watermills and dams shown on this map, dating from the 1200's to the 1930's all using water power to drive tilt hammers, blowers for forgers, grinding wheels for sharpening knifes and scythes as well for the milling of corn and other grains. On the Sheffield side each mill has a brief chapter of the places history taken from the now out of print book 'The Water-Mills of Sheffield' by W.T. Miller, 2nd Issue, published in 1947 plus some additional material from 'Water Power of the Sheffield Rivers', 2nd edition, Christine Ball (ed.) published in 2006. The mills on the Rotherham and North Derbyshire sides have their sources linked in the text.

Click on a dot to see the name of the mill, and then click on its name for more details. The GPS position only works with Mobile Devices for when you are out and about and a position marker is only shown when you are inside the Sheffield area. While the GPS is on, tap the compass icon centre map on gps (bottom right) to zoom the map to your current position.

In most cases the location of the mill was easy to set but in some cases a best guess had to be used, especally in the city centre, along the River Don below Ladys Bridge and following the River Sheaf where the Midland Railway now covers many of the sites.

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